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Denia is a city in the Valencian Community, located on the north coast of the province of Alicante. It is the capital of the Marina Alta region. It has approximately 41,672 registered inhabitants but in summer its population can reach 200,000 inhabitants.


Denia has long and extensive sandy beaches and amazing rocky coves.

North: sandy beaches


The following are located within this area: Punta del Raset, Les Marines, Les Bovetes, Els Molins, L'Almadrava and Les Deveses.

South of the municipality:

La Marineta Casiana Beach

Followed by the rocky coves of Las Rotas. At the end of the coves begin the cliffs of Cabo San Antonio.

International certifications

ISO 9001 quality management - ISO 14001 environmental management

Dénia's beaches have international certifications for the various services they offer.

Punta del Raset beach is the closest beach to the town center. There you will find all the facilities to enjoy an intense beach day; Footbridges, rubbish bins and footbaths, lifeguard post, elevated surveillance chair, police surveillance, security beacons for bathers, games (volleyball, mini-soccer, children), accessible point for the disabled (toilet, changing room, shower, amphibious chairs, amphibious crutches, shade, lifeguard post, parking, adapted walkways), Kiosk, Hammocks and umbrellas.


On Las Marines beach, which is almost 3 km long, you will find tranquility so that you can enjoy the beach with your family. This beach has been awarded the 2014 blue flag and has all the services to enjoy it to the fullest, it has walkways, litter bins and footbaths. , Lifeguard post, elevated surveillance chair, Safety beacons for swimmers, Entry/exit channel for boats, Games (volleyball, mini-football, children), Skates, Kiosk, Hammocks and shades, Jet skis, etc.


Las Rotas beach is made up of small coves of great beauty (the majority are made of stone), it also has a promenade along which it is very pleasant to walk as there are no adjoining roads or buildings that cloud the beautiful landscape.


In Denia you will find a wide range of water sports. In Denia it is possible to rent a sailing or motor boat and enjoy the wind, the sea and the towns in the area.


Denia is the ideal point if you want to make an excursion to the Balearic Islands.

In Denia it is possible to rent a sailing or motor boat and enjoy the wind, the sea and the towns in the area.


Nautical sports

Kitesurfing, diving, sea excursions, jet skis, swimming, fishing, canoeing, parasailing, rowing, surfing, sailing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, etc.

Land Sports

Practice many sports in Denia, thanks to its location between the sea and the mountains and its privileged climate.

Cycle tourism, Denia has cycling routes, Cyclingdenia (urban routes), Tennis, you have 3 tennis clubs, Golf at the La Sella Golf course, Hiking through the Montgó Natural Park, Active tourism, quad routes...

Historical Interest

It is also a municipality with great historical interest, the Barrio del Centro Histórico is formed mainly by Calle Loreto, Cavallers, Major, Sant Josep and adjacent streets. This neighborhood is integrated into the urban fabric of the 16th and 17th centuries and still preserves an interesting set of houses built in the late 18th century and during the 19th century, being representative of the wealth and bourgeoisie that was created around the raisin phenomenon. It is worth a walk through this neighborhood visiting Calle Cavallers where we will find the Ethnological Museum - a typical example of a bourgeois house of the time where the evolution of the city during the 19th century and the importance of the raisin trade are exhibited-, the Calle Loreto, a pedestrian street where we will find small terraces with bars and restaurants, shops, the Convent and the Church of Our Lady of Loreto (whose church can be visited), Major and Sant Josep streets,…

Marques de Campo Street

The main street of Dénia, vital and neuralgic center of the city.

Currently on this street there are a large number of banks as well as shops, cafes and restaurants. The street is closed to traffic on weekends to allow citizens and tourists to walk along this street which, framed by banana trees on both sides, has a special charm.

La conocida popularmente también como Calle Campos es marco de un gran nº de eventos que se celebran en Dénia.

“Baix la mar” neighborhood

Neighborhood is of marine origin

Until the 1970s, sailors have always lived here, surrounded by warehouses and the hubbub of maritime trade. The buildings and the current urban image of the “baix la mar” neighborhood have their origins in the 19th century.

Currently it is a very emblematic and picturesque neighborhood that has low-lying houses, very picturesque squares such as the typical squares of Sant Antoni and Plaça de la Creu and charming corners.

“Les Roques” neighborhood

It is worth taking a walk through this neighborhood

To enjoy this urban fabric inherited from the urban era although very transformed by the Christian world. It is a very quiet neighborhood, the houses are low-lying and it is an area very close to the city center (through La Puerta del Castillo and going down its stairs we are already in the center).


Gastronomy In Dénia, the best products of the sea and the Valencian orchard are fused, resulting in a clear exponent of the variety and exquisiteness of the Mediterranean diet. It is worth noting the famous Dénia red prawn, or the incomparable arroz a banda, among other culinary specialties that combine tradition and quality, such as espencat (roasted vegetables), llandeta, ``suquet de peix``, sea urchins, dry octopus… The city has more than 300 restaurants, which prepare the most varied recipes of national and international cuisine. Undoubtedly, Dénia is positioned as an authentic gastronomic environment in which new trends in signature cuisine are strongly emerging.


Nightlife in Dénia has a wide variety of cocktail bars both in the town center and on the Las Marinas road (Las Brisas, Las Velas or Les Fonts centre), in Las Rotas, in the La Marina marina or distributed in other areas. . You will find bars and pubs with designs of different styles: Mediterranean, chill-out, exotic, traditional. On summer nights in Dénia, the Castle celebrates the “Música al Castell- Festival of Traditional and Popular Music” concerts. Also during the summer season you can go see the “cinema vora mar” movies that take place on the beach.


They stand out: Las fallas (March), The bonfires of San Juan (June), the Bous a la Mar (July), The Moors and Christians (August).